Sana Hamdan

Ten years ago, Sana Hamdan started a retail dairy business from her home; daily, she would buy 60 kilograms of milk to make yoghurt, butter, cheese and labaneh. Sana viewed her work as more of a pastime, rather than a real business venture and was reluctant to expand her business. Soon, a Tamweelcom manager persuaded Sana to obtain a group loan, which helped her realize the professional possibilities. Shortly thereafter, Sana started her own business. Sana began by opening a small store in Irbid, using homemade dairy equipment in the back room. Upon the advice of her case manager, she participated in a Souk Ayyadi Bazaar and further increased her clientele! “I gained many different clients through the bazaar”, she said. Very soon, the 60 kilos of milk a day grew to 100 kilos and then, 200 kilos, just to meet client demand! Now, Sana processes 300 kilos of milk, everyday, for a clientele that extends beyond Amman to the UAE and Saudi Arabia. Sana is grateful for the initial encouragement and Tamweelcom’s steadfast support. She now has plans to move to larger premises, buy modern equipment and hire some employees to assist her. Sana is becoming a confident, successful businesswoman. “ I don’t know what will stop me now ” Sana muses: “ I found a passion for what I do and I intend to keep this business growing.”


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